Friday, July 29, 2011

Goodbye Oxford!

Well everyone, this is the end of the program, and I have just arrived home.  I had a totally awesome time, and am so glad I participated.  It was great to meet and get to know all of you better, and I hope we can hang out more at UW in the fall.  I think this was an incredibly valuable experience, and I have come home with a wider world view than I had before.

The UK is really a very different place from the US in many ways.  Usually we think they are the same except with a Queen, but honestly the only similarity is their language.  I think the differences between the US and Great Britain make a trip there all the more valuable.  In my opinion it is so important for people to learn about other cultures and countries.

Summer is in full swing here at home, and things are strange to come back to when you've been gone for a month.  I'm just getting used to everything, and before long school will be starting up again.  I will see you all there!

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