Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Research Updates!

Ok, so we have narrowed down our research further by this point.  We are going to focus on the devolution of Northern Ireland, and the effect that the Blair Administration had on this.  We still need to refine it more, but that's what we have as of now.

We decided to choose Northern Ireland as opposed to Scotland or Wales because it is the most controversial, and has the most violent history, therefore making for a more complex and dramatic topic.

We started using the Bodleian Library resources today, and I requested four books that looked helpful from the stacks.  I am also going to visit the Law Library and the Social Science Library for information stored there that you can't request.  We are planning on looking at the specific Parliamentary papers and legislation relating to our topic.  After all, how can you research policy changes without reading the legislation that made it possible?

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