Monday, July 25, 2011

Photos of London Trip!

The incredible crane room in the Tate modern.
This is less than half of it, it stretches far behind the camera.

The Tate Modern from outside, showing the old smokestack.

One of the goofy modern art paintings in the Tate Modern.

This one was really long, this only shows about a third of the length.

The pile of sunflower seeds! Each was handmade out of porcelain.

View from near the top of the Tate Modern, where they have a nice balcony.
You can see the Millennium Bridge, and Saint Paul's Cathedral across the river.

This painting will mess with you mind!
Even through the photo its wavy effect can almost be seen, but it was best in person. Try tilting your head 45 degrees or so each direction, and see if the waves move.

Saint Paul's Cathedral from the side.
Definitely one of the nicest buildings I've seen.

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